Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hansel & Gretel: Love in the time of action

I saw Hansel & Gretel today, and really enjoyed it. Both leads were thoroughly likable and refused to adhere to dumb, outdated Hollywood stereotypes. This is a movie that understands you can be a woman and be a badass. You can have flaws and be a badass. You can have a serious metabolic disease and be a badass.

Hell yeah!

But as a romance writer, I fixated a little on the sole love story in the movie between Renner's character and a lovely village lady. Be ye warned, SPOILERS AHEAD:

The lady does ALL the chasing in this. She tracks down Renner several times and is very clearly interested while Renner stammers and hands her pumpkins. But lady is determined, and they end up having some ~sexual healing~ after she dresses his wounds just a little after the midpoint of the movie. When they're finished, lady asks, "Would you visit my village again when you have time?" and Renner says sure.

Rule of naked unfortunately applies, and lady dies at the hands of the bad guys, but the interesting part is that there's no lingering kiss; no tragic bellows. Renner holds her head and tells her she did well during the fight, and she dies.

I thought this was really interesting as a different take on the typical movie love story. These are characters that only knew each other for a couple of days and had one romantic interaction. They battled together more than they loved, and when they did love, it was clear that lady didn't expect or even necessarily want Renner to stick around.

And that's kind of nice. There's room for all kinds of love in the world, and a fleeting connection between two people is a thing that happens. It was good to see it acknowledged for once on the big screen.

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