Friday, April 19, 2013

In which I have unpopular opinions

First, during the Boston Marathon bombings, people were uploading graphic pictures of victims. And now, during the manhunt for suspects, people are plastering up pictures of the dead body of a suspect.

I think looking at these photos makes some internet vigilantes feel "tough". Other, slightly more reasonable people, seem to feel that seeing the damage in glorious hi-def color will make it more "real", whatever that means.

Here's the thing. Seeing a picture of an injured or dead body does not in any way resemble seeing these things in real life. Even if it did, so what? If you honestly need to see a picture of a bombing victim in order to realize that bombings are bad, then I think you're beyond help. And if you're not a member of law enforcement, you do not personally need visual evidence that a suspect is dead.

Not only that, but passing around pictures of victims of traumatic injuries is beyond distasteful. That person you're looking at with limbs blown off? Their entire life has just changed, and the media is using it to further sensationalize a news event. That's absolutely unacceptable.

Looking at gory photos is not going to improve you as a person in any way. It will not change your life or give you any deep understanding of violence. Be respectful. Don't sensationalize tragedy.


  1. Ugh! Also, some of us do not enjoy looking at dismembered people!

  2. Yeah...really. I feel bad for the people who were hurt, but the only part of that news I wanted to read (not SEE) was if they caught the guys who did it or not. I have an imagination. I can picture blood well enough on my own.