Saturday, May 4, 2013

Back To The Future Again Hard With A Vengeance

Remember how when you were a kid you heard of time capsules, immediately swore to make one, and then didn't? Well, now there's an easier option. lets you write a letter to your future self. You can send it to anywhere between this same year and 2063. You can add a picture (presumably of your hot young self to make Old You jealous). There are so many possibilities. Sure, you can't throw in a Barbie like they did in that most epic of road trip movies, Crossroads, but you also don't have to dig a hole six feet into the ground and then explain it to neighborhood watch.

"This body was a MEMORY! You put memories
in time capsules!"
Unbelievably, the opportunity to write a letter to your future self actually isn't the best part of The best part is the "public" option, which allows other people to see your letters (anonymously of course). They're even sorted for you to look through. Personally I find the "Recently Delivered" ones fascinating - people right this minute are getting letters they wrote to themselves six years back, and I can read it! - but there's also "Crowd Favorites", "Sent farthest into the past", and intriguingly, "Replies to the past".

I think one of my favorites is the letter that says:
Happy six months! if not, then this is a super awkward reminder... 

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  1. Crossroads!! (In my case, friends change, dreams are forever, Lol!)

    That site sounds awesome. I have no idea what I'm going to say to myself, but I'm going to think of something because I want to do it!