Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Boardroom Bingo

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  1. The one I hate most isn't on there.

    "Let's go around and have everyone introduce themselves and tell us what you do."

    Some buzz words I can't stand:

    Synergy (singing kumbaya)
    Agile Development (a work in progress)
    Robust (exclamation of bullshit)
    Discovery Phase (moving along slowly looking for gotchas!)

  2. I'm with Diane on the one she hates... nothing worse than that in grad school in a science program. Most of the people aren't pretentious and just give a very abbreviated 1-2 sentence explanation of their research from a very high level. There is always that ONE person, though, that decides that instead of just doing that (because their research is SOOOO complex) they will obviously dumb it down like "I use lasers to look at stuff" and then chuckle their way into a shit eating grin. I. cannot. fucking. stand. that.