Monday, July 29, 2013

Here In This Diary

I was talking with a friend the other day about what our high school selves would think of us now. I thought it would be a great idea to go look at my old journals to recall what I was like back then.

She said, "For God's sake, why would you ever want to do that?"

Because I'm terrible at listening to advice, here you are - a journal entry from the middle of Selma's high school experience.
This will probably be a fairly random entry; just tossing down things that are floating through my head right now.
I have petit fours right now, and it's making me extremely happy. Probably cos it's that time of the month during which chocolate takes the role of our savior from crass and bloody things. 
Apparently my Philosophy class is to write the schools' updated Code of Ethics. I have to say that I'm not entirely sure how much ethical necessities can change within twenty years. Nonetheless, a class full of advanced students, the biggest group of cheaters in the school(people don't even believe me if, when asked, I say that I don't cheat. I must admit that it's a statistical improbability) is going to decide what the Code of Ethics should include. 
What does a vegan zombie eat? My mother was not amused to learn that it's "GRAIIIIIIIIIIIINS." Then again, she had just come downstairs to see her hopes for the future marching stiff-legged around the kitchen, yelling, "BRAIIIIIIIIIINS! BRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!"

I was surprised to find that my journal was also chockfull of impressively horrible song lyrics. So yes, my friend is smart and I am never looking at my high school journal again.

(That is definitely a lie; I'm a sucker for a cheap laugh, even at myself.)

It looks like high school Selma is crying, but
actually I'm laughing hysterically about
walking into the ocean for the first time ever
and immediately getting body-slammed by
a giant wave.
Anyway, I learned very little about myself at 16 from this experiment. But I can say with confidence from memory that my younger self would be very surprised that I'm getting married, and very pleased that I'm still writing stories.

What about you? What would your high school self think of you now?


  1. I had a bomb threat at school when I was 14. I wrote: "If you never hear from me again...I died." as a joke. I didn't write in that journal again for over a year because I found one that weekend I liked better. Lol!

    My high school self would be upset that I'm not married. She had our whole life planned out. But she would be thrilled that my writing has approved and I have people in my life that actually want to hear me talk about it. But mostly she would be disappointed that our life didn't go as planned and pitch a fit. I may have to apologize to her.

    1. LOL imagine someone finding that journal in the future. "OH NO IT WAS REAL!"

      I'll assume that your younger self would gradually grow to accept the revisions to the life plan ;)

  2. I was never a teenager.