Friday, July 12, 2013

So I Saw Pacific Rim

No Selma Ruins on this one, because there's nothing really to ruin! It's a good movie. You're not wasting your money. Go see it; enjoy one of the only non-adaptation decent movies out this summer.

However, I'm still capable of nitpicking even a good thing to death, so a few non-spoilery thoughts:

  1. This is the movie that Roland Emmerich wishes he could make. It's global in scope, and it feels like it. That's because Guillermo del Toro is an excellent director, and he understands that you can't just throw stereotypes at the screen and have us identify with them (Africans? They all wear tribal outfits and hoist spears in the air in triumph, of course!). GdT knows how to give even secondary characters enough personality that they feel uniquely human.
  2. Speaking of big, the sense of scale in this movie is a ton of fun; you can tell the people who made this movie really pushed themselves to break new ground. Huge things really look huge, to the point that the movie is almost intimidating to watch until you get used to it. But that's okay! It's great, even. It's always fun to see boundaries pushed.
  3. Even the timeline is epic in scope - you get about 15 minutes of backstory before you get to the title card!
  4. I was very glad to see what people keep calling "no-name" actors (seriously? Errrr Idris Elba?). This was a movie about a team rather than one person, and having huge stars pulling attention just would have been distracting. The main guy was excellent at being just compelling enough without making you focus on him.
  5. The kaiju were a bit... bland, honestly. The character design just wasn't that interesting, and they all looked the same. Yes, they looked the same, giving some tentacly bits or wings does not differentiate. Every kaiju had the same basic design, and the exact same texture and coloration. It wasn't a huge distraction, but I was a little disappointed.
  6. My one big complaint, honestly, is Not. Enough. Ladies. And that's a huge bummer, because every single role in this movie is unisex. There's just no reason that more women didn't get parts.
  7. The secondary complaint to that is that the romance plotline is rushed to the point that it's just ludicrous. Their connection appears to be literally HEY YOU A LADY HAYYYYYY. I can only assume that the majority of this plotline got cut, because it's by far the most poorly done thing in the movie. This movie really, really didn't need any romance.
  8. That being said, the script is not brilliant. It's functional, but that's about it. Again though, that's alright - the special effects and sense of HOORAH are really what's on display here.
  9. The music is excellent, particularly the jaeger's theme song.
  10. Two of the characters in this movie are the kind that SHOUT EVERY LINE THEY HAVE. So when they operate a robot together later in the movie, it's kind of hilarious.
  11. "Today we are canceling the apocalypse!" > "Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"


  1. Number 7 made me laugh. :)

    I couldn't tell anything about this movie from the preview I saw. But then again, when I saw this preview it was one of 40, so that might have something to do with it.

    I like some good special effects! Sometimes that alone is enough to warrant seeing a movie. And thank goodness because there is nothing else out I want to see and I really want to go to the movies.

    1. One out of 40?! Good grief. I can barely remember what I've seen after a run of five previews, lol.

      If you like good special effects, you will definitely like this movie, pretty much guaranteed.