Sunday, August 18, 2013

Release Day For My Bodyguard Novel!

Today, ladies and those two guys who apparently read my last novel (kudos and thanks for the reviews, dudes!), is a very special day. It's the day that I unleash my second novel, PROTECT ME, onto the world.

As those of you who read my blog might expect, the title isn't quite what it seems. Here's the blurb:
An all-star female bodyguard. A reluctant billionaire. An accidental doomsday weapon.

When Hope Lasser meets her new client Rick Stone, she immediately dismisses him as another playboy used to good times and daddy’s money. The secret lab in the basement - well, that's just some sort of weird rich quirk.

But from the moment that Hope walks onto his yacht, Rick seems fascinated with her. And the more time she spends around Rick, the more Hope starts to be fascinated back. Hope's spent the last few years of her life chasing adventure all the way to Africa, while Rick struggles daily not to suffocate under the weight of corporate responsibility. They're incredibly different, but Hope feels more stable around Rick, and he laughs with her.

In spite of warnings from everyone around her - and the fact that she'll ruin her reputation if she falls in love with a client - Hope starts to wonder if she really wants to keep a professional distance.

There may not be much time to decide. Neither Rick nor Hope is the safest person, and enemies from her past barrel back into her life, intent on stealing a weapon Rick didn't mean to create. Hope is determined to protect her client - but can she protect her heart?

And here's an excerpt:

Hope wasn’t given to whining, but there were limits.
“I don’t want to be your date. And I don’t wear makeup. And these shoes are ridiculous.” She crossed her arms over her chest, the shoes dangling by their straps off of one finger.
It was lucky that Rick was so laid back. Most employers probably wouldn’t be cool with their bodyguards barging into their room in a huff after being informed of the dress expectations for the night.
But then again, most people didn’t ask their bodyguards to be their dates to parties.
Rick rolled his eyes extravagantly and deftly hooked a cufflink through his sleeves.
“You do too want to be my date. Just think how convenient it’ll be. You can stop me from getting plastered and glower at everyone to your heart’s content with the perfect excuse. And you’re not even wearing the shoes yet,” he pointed out. “They might be comfortable.”
Hope looked down at the shoes Trinity had handed her in the hall. They were covered in black satin and arched up like Barbie feet. The heels were five inches tall.
She looked at Rick.
“Okay, yeah, those probably aren’t going to be very comfortable,” Rick admitted. “But Trinity picked them out, not me. Apparently you need them.” He shrugged.
Hope gritted her teeth and didn’t allow herself to look too closely at Rick. He was wearing a dark gray tuxedo as comfortably as his skin, his hair in some kind of order for once and a carefree smile quick on his lips.
“No, I don’t. I do not need these. What I need is some decent pants and flat shoes with rubber soles.” She had the horrible feeling that her words were falling on deaf ears; Rick turned away halfway through her speech and pulled something off a dark wood counter.
“Here. Take this.”
With her mouth still open to take a breath and continue ranting, Hope held out her hands obediently. Something soft fell across her palms and immediately snagged on her callouses.
She grasped the black fabric gingerly and held it up to the light.
“What… what is this?”
Rick grinned. “It’s a dress.”
She could see that. It was a long black dress that would just about sweep the floor even if she wore the skyscraper heels. The fact that it was a dress was not the problem.
“It’s… see-through,” Hope said, trying to hold it as far away from her body as possible.
Rick rolled his eyes and stepped in close. He tugged at the front of the dress, handling it without hesitation. 
          “Don’t be ridiculous,” he said. “Only part of the back is see-through, and that’s just an illusion anyway, there’s a slip underneath. The front is just plain black satin. Don’t worry, nobody’s going to pin an ‘A’ to your chest for wearing this.”

This book is about a woman who can take care of herself, you, and everyone in the surrounding vicinity. It's about a guy who thinks that's hot. It's a book where the heroine becomes BFFs with the hero's ex-girlfriend. It's a book where the heroine kicks the hero under the table for forgetting his housekeeper's birthday.

It's a book I absolutely loved writing, and I hope you love it too.


  1. ahhhhh...this sounds fantastic!!!!!!!!!! what a great premise and set up for an action packed and hot plot. mucho congrats to you and HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY!!!!!



  2. Congrats on the new release!

  3. Hope is so awesome!! A female bodyguard? I LOVE it!