Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ten Things To Do When You're Exhausted at 6PM

1. Whine about how tired you are on Twitter. People love it, really.

2. Get into a one-upmanship injury contest with your friend who does rock-climbing. My inner-thigh/whole body bruises from horseback riding are way more hardcore than his messed-up hands (and this isn't nearly as scandalous as it sounds in retrospect).

3. Pick a website and strip it of everything of value like a vulture because I don't know about you, but the one thing that I can do well when I'm tired is read.

4. Do moar edits.

5. Realize that spellcheck accepts "moar" as a word.

6. Eat bacon for dinner, because healthy!

7. Get into a passionate Facebook argument about the finer points of Dragon Ball Z with a guy I haven't spoken to in person for at least five years; win.

8. Use capslock a ton on Twitter, because it's hilarious. I generally try to minimize my capslocking because I know not everyone finds it as funny as I do, but often I fail in this endeavor. OH WELLZ

9. Drink coffee, realize sadly that it's stimulating me about as much as watching Bob Ross paint.

10. Sleep.

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