Tuesday, September 3, 2013

50 Shades is Cast

... and the world shall never be quite the same. Or something.

Can we just talk for a second, tho, about how hilarious this all becomes if we think about Charlie Hunnam playing Christian Grey as his character from Pacific Rim? Because while I had my issues with Pacific Rim being portrayed as this feminist marvel, there is no bigger fan of Mako Mori than Raleigh "Founder and President of the Mako Mori Fan Club" Becket.

The best part about Pacific Rim was how Raleigh followed Mako around with this ridiculous smile on his face, bouncing everywhere she went, doing everything but wagging his tail. Dude loved Mako Mori. She was the best thing he'd ever seen ever, and not even in a sexual way, in an "omg you are so cool can we be friends hi I hid under your peep hole because I love you" way.

A BDSM scene with Raleigh-Hunnam-as-Christian would be hysterical. "Hi Ana I got this rope because I thought maybe you'd like to try rope but then I didn't know if you wanted handcuffs instead so I got handcuffs or do you want to put the handcuffs on me that would be fun too what's your favorite eye color is it blue because I can get contacts or do you like puppies because I'm rich so you know you could have a puppy like RIGHT NOW omg ilu."

It would be awesome, is all I'm sayin'!


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