Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Conversation at Family Dinner, Regarding Lord Byron and Miley Cyrus

Mom: How did Miley Cyrus get so famous, anyway? People have their heads up their butts these days.
Me: Probably the same way people have been getting famous since Lord Byron, Mom. Cults of personality aren't some sort of new phenomena.
Dad: Did Byron twerk?
Me: I'm ignoring that. Lord Byron's best accomplishment was his daughter.
Husband: What did she do?
Dad: Twerk.
Me: I hate you. Anyway, Ada Lovelace wrote the first computer algorithm, before computers even existed.
Mom: In the 1800s? How'd she get into that field?
Me: Byron had this bad habit of cheating with EVERY WOMAN EVER and Ada's mom hated him so much that she only let Ada study science and math, not English or poetry. I assume she would have been pretty good at that too, since she was a freaking math genius.
Husband: A woman in science in the 1800s... okay, so who stole her work?
Mom: Miley Cyrus!

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