Saturday, November 9, 2013

Those Seven Highly Effective People Probably Had More Time Than Me

Or was it people that just happened to have seven super special awesome chocolate-covered habits? Oh well.

You've probably noticed that the blog's slowed down a bit lately (sorry! Lion King 1/2 is coming in the next couple days, I swear!). That's because my life has been crazy, in the family and friends lovingly asking, "When are you going to relax because I am going to kill you and hide the body in the woods if you don't chill out," kind of way.

I have a book that I'm editing that should be coming out soon, and a book that I was supposed to be Nano-ing. So far I win the Least Successful Nano award, with a grand total of 0 words. See my might and tremble.

Part of the busy-ness is that I'm still working on Giraffe the Wonder Horse. He can now canter mostly without incident, and I can leave the stall door open while I go about my business and he knows that isn't an invitation to wander. He also enjoys crowding in on my selfies.

The other much bigger part is that B and I are buying a house. And goooooood lord people. I've worked for the Army and I'm in finance, so I'm no stranger to legalese and needlessly complicated paperwork. But seriously, this crap is so complicated and overwrought, how do most people ever manage to buy a house?!

House Hunters makes home buying look fun (and yes, I am addicted, I'm answering my millions of emails and voicemails with it permanently playing in the background). And while in my head I like to imagine myself as an intrepid adventurer, in reality I loathe change and uncertainty with the passion of a thousand dying suns.

But we found a condo that we really like, we've had an offer accepted, and now we're just waiting on everyone to get finished shopping around our loans and all those other lovely (imagine intense air quotes here) things. So fingers crossed that this all finishes soon so I can stop fussing with house nonsense and start being able to focus on other things... and also get to decorate my own place for Christmas. CHRISTMAAAAAAAASSSSS!


  1. I've got my fingers crossed for you guys!! Oh, and chill out--you got this. :D

  2. Congrats on the condo!! I was majorly addicted to House Hunters when I was condo shopping. It's just awesome. ^_^