Monday, March 3, 2014

I Have Returned! And I Come Bearing Kitty Pictures


Around December, my life went crazy(er). I bought a house, got a promotion at my day job, got an awful lot more work at my day job... Etc. The house was in need of a bit of TLC, so I spent January renovating, and February moving in. Now, although my life is still busy and a little strange to me (where did these popcorn ceilings come from? Oh right, I live here now), I feel like I'm finally settled enough to keep up with my online life again.

Also, I adopted a cat from the shelter. It was a new experience for me, and now I'm finding myself with questions I've never had before.

Like, how are you so darn cute?
All my other animals (a cat, a horse, several fish, and a dog) have come to me by happenstance. The cat and the dog decided they wanted to belong to me while they still belonged to other people, so I knew their situation. I knew that they weren't loved; I understood their little neuroses. I bought the horse surrounded by people who knew the owner and knew that the horse was considered a terror, and everyone was too scared of it to do much with it. The fish got dumped in my lap when people didn't care enough to feed them when they went away.

I actually know quite a bit about Super Kitty's past, thanks to the intake form at the shelter. I know that he's 3 years old. I know that he ate dry Royal Canin. I know that his owner brought him here from another country. I know that he has a tendency to eat ribbon. I know the owner dropped him off because they were moving to an apartment that didn't take pets.

Or was it because he brings you toys and begs to play by
meowing until you concede?
In spite of all these things I know, I have so many more questions than I've ever had about a pet before. Surely the shiny new apartment wasn't the only reason he got dumped. Did they get annoyed with him knocking over cups of water out of curiosity? Was him dragging his toys all over the house irritating instead of endearing? This kitty that zigzags around meowing excitedly and jumps up against my legs begging to be picked up when I get home, that burrows under the covers to sleep with me - if he did that with them, did they still not care enough to find a different apartment, after bringing him all the way here from another country?

There are some people who think it's inexcusable to ever part with your animal, but while I wouldn't do it myself, I'm not inclined to judgment. I think there's a number of legitimate reasons - heck, even a failure to mesh personalities could theoretically be enough of a reason. But the form just says, "moving to an apartment that doesn't take pets". And I keep wondering about it.

SuperKitty has some issues... but being
loved is no longer one of them.
Did any of you guys adopt rescues? Do you wonder about this stuff too, or am I just a crazy person? Also feel free to just blatantly link me to pics of your pets, I'm not picky.

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  1. Love SuperKitty. ^_^
    He's so cool.

    I picked out my sister's rescue cat. She's allergic to half of everything and doesn't know how to come in out of the rain, but she's super friendly. I actually wished more people who surrender their pets instead of abandoning them on the streets. That's just wrong. I picked up some strays when I lived in my apartment. Some of them were extremely friendly and seemed like perfectly great pets while I illegally fostered them. Some of them were weird, but they never attacked me, though I had one that hissed at me a lot. I actually tried to keep her. I thought she was so cute even though she only had hair on half her body. So I guess you're not alone in wondering about stuff. Or at least you're not crazy by yourself. I wondered a lot about where those cats came from. If they were abandoned or lost or born on the streets. I could only keep them for so long. I didn't have room and the litter box was in my tub and it would be a mess. I would just kept them long enough for them to feel safe enough to clean themselves up and then they'd go to the shelter or to a friend who wanted a cat.

    I used to think I wanted a mini zoo with a couple of cats and a dog and a ferret and a guinea pig and a bird and a bunny rabbit...Lol! Now I just want one and I change my mind every week. I have issues making decisions...